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RemoteSCM Manager allows administrators and developers to control Windows Services from Unix. Specifically, control services via a simple telnet session. Many multi-tiered applications require some sort of synchronization process. Many administrators are faced with creating scripts that must be executed by hand. The RemoteSCM Manager and its easy-to-use commands allow even junior administrators tight control over their distributed applications. Please download the following prerelease version. Our Beta-test phase will start September 1, 2005, contact support if you are interested in participating (

These download are for our prerelease version of RemoteSCM Manager. Please be aware that these versions have not been certified for production use.

RemoteSCM 3.5.1 Full Install Exe 2MB
Zip 2MB
Sample Clients Exe 1MB
Zip 1MB
Tar 11MB
Documents Exe 2MB
Zip 2MB

Some of these packages DO NOT provide uninstall functionality, and is recommended only if you are unable to install the application using the InstallShield (IS) installer.

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