Geostatistics Package

As part of Cyze & Associates' support for Geostatistical Analysis, Cyze & Associates provides a free Geostatistics package that compliments Geospatial Explorer by providing an interface to the SAGE 2005 variogram reports and GSLIB 2.0 kriging and simulation executables.

Due to the nature of the GSLIB 2.0 FORTRAN executables and the desire to preserve the original source code, this application will only work when installed in a directory that includes GSLIB F77 KT3D.EXE and SGSIM.EXE

Do not want to download? Install from the cdrom.

Geostatistics Package Package Exe 2MB
Zip 2MB

Some of these packages DO NOT provide uninstall functionality, and is recommended only if you are unable to install the application using the InstallShield (IS) installer.

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